Thursday, August 11, 2016

The G Word

Often when I am teaching and writing, I use words to describe the nature of the Universe - like the "G" word, that inevitably offends someone.  Over the years many have come to me and asked that I not use them, and I've been in countless trainings advising me that I have to "tread lightly" and use them sparingly (which I agree with in certain situations, but...).  I have thought a lot about this and here's what I've come to. 

I know the word/term/verb "God" can be an alienating, divisive term for some people.  It was for me for a long time.  When you hear this word, or any other one used to describe any kind of higher power, I invite you to put your hand on your heart.  Feel the space behind your hand opening up.  Feel your heart beating.  Know that some force unknown to you beats your heart, breathes your breath.  Whether you call that God, breath, soul, the Divine, the Universe, Source, energy, matter, or biology, let's agree that when I use any of those words, I use them to connect you to something that is bigger than yourself, that is ultimately unknowable, that holds the spark of the light of all creation, or whatever else you choose to call that force of nature.  It is not meant to be a judgement on those who don't believe in a higher power, or a diminishing of that power to those that hold those words sacred beyond all measure.  I use them as terms to refer to the unknowable source of being, to name the ineffable, un-namable Oneness that underlies the entire Universe, including each and every one of us, and only for the purpose of helping you to connect to a deeper aspect of your being.  If any of those words is a trigger for you, or sets off a strong feeling and you want to talk about it please reach out to me.  I ask for your leeway in using these words freely and openly and with the highest intention. 

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